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We grow your newsletter with paid ads.
We help newsletters grow cost-effectively using paid ads. You invest $3k/month (excl. ad spend), and we deliver thousands of high-quality subscribers every month.
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Growjoy is ran by Gunnar Holm, a paid growth consultant for global newsletters with subscriber counts ranging from 200k to 3m+.

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What our clients say

«Gunnar is a newsletter ads whiz! He’s always suggesting new and creative ideas to improve our ad performance. I also appreciate that he’s very communicative. It’s been a joy working together, and I recommend Gunnar and the Growjoy team to everyone looking to take their newsletter to the next level.»
Helen Guo, Operator of SMB Deal Hunter & founder of Schoolyard Snacks ($30m/year)
«We agreed on a target CPA and hit our target in the first month - happy with the results Growjoy generated for my newsletter!»
Cody Plofker, CMO @ Jones Road Beauty
«Gunnar is one of the most creative people I have met in the space and definitely recommend his agency’s services to anyone looking to grow their newsletter.»
Operator at Short Squeez (∼200k subs)

Using Sparkloop for lower acquisition cost

Many of our clients use the Sparkloop Referral Network to lower their acquisition costs. If you're already doing or are interested in doing the same, we provide guidance on setup and optimization. Then we make sure our ads fit the referral network's criterias.

We're an async agency

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